Weight Journey

How my thoughts affect my weight.

Learn the secrets to successfully “losing” weight. You have tried diets, exercise, deprivation and frustration. Now you can journey with me to discover the energetic imbalances that may be keeping you from your goals. Everything that is “out there” has it’s origins within you. Take control of your thoughts and emotions!

The challenge of any journey is knowing where we want to go. In my journey events we learn how to focus on the new possibilites for what we truly want.

Most of us have not developed this ability. We spend too much time focusing on what we don't have. We don't know how to "see" in a new and empowered way. We can't imagine our lives being better and if we can't "see it" we can't "have it". Our brains don't have a chance to get excited about something new. If our brains are not excited about something there is no energy moving us towards it. That is the challenge!


If we are focusing on all the negative thoughts and feelings about something then our energy is supporting us in what we don't want. If this is habitual, which it is for most of us, then we have used a lot of our energy for the very things we don't want to create. When we think about our problems and how bad we feel our brain lights up in response. Neuropathways are established for these thoughts and feelings to travel and the message is sent to every cell of our body instantly


In our journey event you learn how to support the brain so it becomes excited about new possibilites. Energy follows thought. In my journey events we create new thoughts and feelings so our energy can move in a powerful direction and create a better life.


Learn What The Wizard Knew All Along


I have been studying energy and systems of energy for over 20 years. In my journey events I will share what I have learned with you. We can go on this journey together and discover the answers you already have within.

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Ardis Ozborn
Ardis Ozborn
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Ardis Ozborn

Ardis has been conducting seminars internationally for 16 years supporting students in changing unconscious patterns of limitation and resistance. She uses her knowledge of many energetic systems to support you in making positive changes in your life. Please join us for this interactive, powerful Journey.


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